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Trade Mark Services

IPLF provides complete spectrum of Trade Mark (TM) services ranging from conducting Availability Searches, Filing, Prosecution, Opposition and Litigation support. IPLF has been advising multiple Corporates on their Trade Mark development strategy and has helped them register and enforce Trade Marks worldwide through its strong network alliances and local associates.

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Patent Services

IPLF provides a complete spectrum of patent services comprising Patentability/Novelty/Prior Art searches, Prosecution, Opposition and litigation Support. We offer quality and consistent Patent services for all our clients to help maximize their returns from IPs they are planning to secure. IPLF takes pride in its Patent Services due to support from K&K and IIPRD, which has some of the leading Indian/Domestic clients and comprehensively supports them for all types of patent matters including Filing/Prosecution in India and Globally.

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Copyright Services

IPLF provides complete spectrum of copyright services from Registration to Enforcement and handles any contentious issue related to copyrights. All type of subject matters that are covered in the Copyright Act are handled by professionals who bring on board a range of experience from Media & Entertainment, and from commercial law to Licensing.

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Domain Name Dispute Services

IPLF team has requisite competence and experience in handling Domain Name Disputes (at UDRP as well as INDRP) and has been advising Indian and International Clients on strategizing their legal disputes and framing a litigation strategy to efficiently handle and resolve each contention.

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Legal Documentation Services

IPLF provides complete support on any type of commercial contract/agreement including but not limited to MOUs, Joint venture agreements, Commercial business agreements, Shareholding agreements, Research agreements, Vendor agreements and any other similar documentation.

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Why Choose Us?

IPLF (IP and Legal Filings) is exclusively supported by IIPRD (www.iiprd.com) and Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) (www.khuranaandkhurana.com), both of which are among the leading and established IP (Intellectual Property) practices in India with over 110 professionals spread across 7 offices in India.

By virtue of exclusive support from IIPRD and K&K, IPLF is able to provide support in all countries where IIPRD/K&K have global offices including US, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, and Myanmar. IIPRD and K&K collectively support over 3700 Corporates and manage portfolio of over 9000 Patent Applications and over 12000 Trade Mark Applications.

We understand the pace of business and there is never a legal issue too big to conquer. Our legal team brings a progressive, collaborative approach to the table with our strategic thinking. Each project is assigned to a minimum of 2 team members, one being a firm partner, ensuring thorough and accurate situation analysis, review, rendering of legal opinion.

IPLF stands by providing thorough IP and legal support to enterprises of all nature at extremely competitive costing, making legal support affordable and secured. IPLF has been assisting numerous -ups in handling all their legal issues with minimum impact on their bottom line.

Our experts believe in resolving queries instantly and are available anytime to provide best possible solution to our clients. IPLF takes pride in being able to respond to each communication (across all platforms) within 24 hours enabling prompt delivery and support of services. In case of any issue of any nature, a Partner of IPLF can be reached on phone to ensure that the mandate is executed in a desired timeline.

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